Diversion Information

Diversions are a second-chance opportunity offered by the Prosecutor, which prevent convictions from going onto the criminal record. Diversions are an agreement with the prosecutor and, if the defendant complies with the terms of the agreement, the charges are dismissed.

Standard Requirements

Diversions last for 12 months and involve various requirements. Standard requirements include:
  • Pay a $50 diversion application fee to the Court Clerk.
  • Do not break the law during the diversion term.
  • In addition, each diversion agreement contains requirements specific to the charges involved.

Specific Requirements

Common examples include:
  • No drugs/alcohol (on charges of DUI, Minor w/ alcohol, marijuana, etc.).
  • Attend anger management class (on charges of domestic battery).
  • Attend shoplifter's education class (on charges of theft).
  • Pay restitution.

Diversion Eligibility

Diversions are generally not available on a second offense of the same or similar crime. Granting a diversion is at the sole discretion of the prosecutor, and various considerations apply. Not every charge will qualify for a diversion.

How to Apply

A completed Diversion Application must be presented to the prosecutor at the scheduled court date/time. An application may be obtained at Goddard City Hall from the Court Clerk.