Outdoor Storage

Portable storage units must apply for a 30 day permit (8-1104). Permitted containers must be free from rust and deterioration (8-1107) 8-1103.

Applying for a Permit

Prior to the placement of a Portable Storage Unit a permit shall be obtained from the City Clerk. The City Clerk shall issue such permit, upon the payment of a fee of $35. If the portable storage container is located on public property, the location shall require the approval of the City Zoning Administrator. Placement in the street may be conditioned upon providing such illumination of the container as the City Zoning Administrator shall require.


In residential zoning districts, a portable storage container shall be allowed no more than two times on a zoning lot for a period no longer than thirty consecutive days within in any 12-month period. Additionally, thirty calendar days must elapse prior to a second permit being issued. An extension may be granted by the Governing Body for a defined period provided proper notification is given to surrounding property owners.