Animal Control

Registration Fees

Residents are reminded to register your dogs. Registration is $5 for dogs that are spayed or neutered, or $10 if they are not spayed or neutered. A current immunization certificate is required at registration. Owners of dogs running at large without a registration will receive a $50 to $300 fine.

City Code, Article 2-220, restricts the number of dogs to a maximum of three (3) per household.

Please contact City Hall at 316-794-2441 to register your dog.

Lost or Loose Pets

Owners of registered dogs running at large are subject to a $25 impound fee. All animals picked up will be boarded at the City of Goddard animal facility. Impounded animals are detained for a maximum of 72 hours and then turned over to an agency for adoption.

If you’ve lost your pet contact Community Development Specialist Monte Barnickle at 316-794-2441.
Puppy with a shoe

City Laws

It is unlawful to, in one household, keep a combined total of dogs and cats in excess of five. The total number of dogs and cats in one household shall not exceed three animals of either species.

For purposes of this section, dogs and cats less than 6 months of age shall not be included in the total number of dogs and cats allowed, provided that no more than one litter of puppies and one litter of kittens shall be maintained in one household at any one time.

It is unlawful for the person owning or harboring any dog to permit such dog to run at large within the City of Goddard at any time.

Found Animals

If you have found a lost pet or need to claim a pet that has been found, please contact Goddard Animal Control at 316-794-2441.