Street Sweeping

2019 Street Sweeping Schedule

All residential streets are swept once a month. Residents are encouraged to park all vehicles in driveways or garages so that our street sweeper can thoroughly clean your neighborhood. Bushes and trees should not hang over the curb line unless they are at least 13.5 feet tall. It is the responsibility of residents to keep vegetation trimmed so that it does not interfere with street sweepers, snow plows, school buses and emergency vehicles.

Below is the 2019 street sweeping calendar and a geographical breakdown of which neighborhoods will be swept on a specific day of the week.

Jan. 14*May 6Sept. 9*
Feb. 4June 3Oct. 7
Mar. 4July 8*Nov. 4
Apr. 1Aug. 5Dec. 2

*Street sweeping occurs on the first full week of each month except those months with an asterisk.


The entire northwest quadrant of Old Town. All streets south of Hwy 54, west of Main St., north of Linear Park, and east of Walnut, including the water tower complex neighborhood (Timmy Ct. & Easy St.).

Monday - Blue Section


The entire length of Main St. (both sides) and every street south of Linear Park. Additionally, the Autumn Blaze neighborhood.

Tuesday - Red Section (Old Town South)
Tuesday - Red Section (Autumn Blaze)


The Seasons neighborhood and the entire northeast quadrant of Old Town. All streets south of Hwy 54, east of Main St., and north of Linear Park (including the Pate Addition).

Wed - Green Section (Old Town West)
Wed - Green Section (Seasons)

Thursdays (PURPLE)

The entire neighborhoods of Elk Ridge, Saint Andrew, and Springhill.

Thurs - Elk Ridge
Thurs - Springhill and St. Andrew


Fridays will be used as a make-up day to clean any areas that were not completed earlier in the week.